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is a fruitful collaboration of six musicians with quite different backgrounds. It has existed about ten years but no one really remembers when this music happened the first time. In Finnish the name UTU means foggy weather above the sea. This word evokes UTU’s music very well. There are moments of raging seas but also of calm waters. 


UTU has released three albums:
Songs in Flesh Minor (2012)
Pieces of the Unknown (2016)

Russian Poets (2017) 


Tools and weapons used: 

Petra Poutanen - vocals, kantele, guzheng

Teemu Kiiskilä - acoustic and electric guitars

Aku-Pekka Kurjenniemi - drums and percussions

Iida Savolainen - viola 

Katri Antikainen - electric and acoustic cellos

Tony Sikström - doublebass, ewi, drumpad




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